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  Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost per sequencing reaction ?

SeqXcel offers competitive rates for both academic and commercial customers. Please contact us today for a quote.

2. What if the amount of DNA template is limited and less than what SeqXcel recommends ?

Our recommendations were developed to consistently produce the best possible sequencing data. We will accept DNA templates at less than the recommended amounts, but the resulting data varies greatly in quality and accuracy.

3. How many base pairs of sequence can I expect?

The maximum expected read length is approximately 1000 base pairs. This will vary according to the purity of the DNA template, its GC content, repeated sequences, homopolymeric regions, or the presence of secondary structure interactions.

4. How long are samples kept?

Samples are stored in our freezers for six months before being discarded.

5. Will SeqXcel store primers for future use?

Yes, upon request, SeqXcel will store primers for use in future DNA sequencing.

6. Can SeqXcel handle difficult templates?

SeqXcel’s standard protocol is designed to obtain sequence from templates with moderate challenges. Extended mononucleotides or severe secondary structure problems may require a special protocol or other approaches in order to obtain sequence. Below are chromatographs comparing an ABI recommended DNA sequencing protocol (Fig.A) to SeqXcel’s standard DNA sequencing protocol (Fig.B).

Figure A. ABI Recommended DNA Sequencing Protocol

Figure B. SeqXcel’s Standard DNA Sequencing Protocol

7. Can SeqXcel help me design primers?

SeqXcel can help design primers for large or small sequencing projects. SeqXcel does not synthesize primers onsite, but can respond to your needs quickly by subcontracting with a nearby company.

8. What is SeqXcel’s re-sequencing policy?

SeqXcel will re-sequence samples at no extra charge if:

• The customer requests re-sequencing (one free re-sequencing per sample).
• A processing error occurred.
• A mechanical failure occurred.

Failure to obtain sequencing data can have many causes. We will gladly discuss how you might improve your sequencing data or go to Applied Biosystem’s website ( for troubleshooting tips.

9. How will my data be sent to me?

Data files can be posted on our website or e-mailed to you. The choice is yours.

10. How can I retrieve my data from SeqXcel’s website?

SeqXcel will send you an e-mail when your data is ready. That e-mail will contain a secure link to your data on our website. From SeqXcel’s website, the data can be downloaded to your computer.

11. How long is the data posted on the website?

Data is posted on the website for a minimum of two weeks. All sequencing data is stored in a digital format for at least one year and can be retrieved upon request.

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