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  Submitting DNA


Call or e-mail SeqXcel for a quote. We offer competitive prices.

Step 2:

Follow our guidelines to prepare samples. When using our service for the first time, we recommend that you submit only a few templates and primers. This will allow SeqXcel to evaluate whether our standard sequencing protocol will give you acceptable results.

Step 3:

Complete the order form and submit it with your samples. If submitting templates in a 96-well plate, please attach a legend that indicates the location of each sample.

Step 4:

Please notify SeqXcel if your samples are exceptional in any way. For example,

• A low DNA template concentration.
• A DNA template that requires purification.
• A PCR product that has been treated with ExoSAP-IT®.

The order form has areas where this information can be added.

Step 5:

Call for before 3:00 p.m. for samples to be picked up or ship samples overnight for next day delivery.

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