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About Us

Long Wen, Ph.D. Founder. Dr. Wen, former director from SDSU sequencing core center has over 20-year experience in molecular biology research and DNA sequencing. His knowledge of scientists' needs and the frequent challenges encountered in having DNA sequenced, has led him to develop proprietary technology and protocols to meets those needs.

Qiulong Huang, Ph.D. CTO. Dr. Huang’s expertise spans from organic chemistry, enzymology, molecular biology, to structural biology. As former director of molecular biology at eBioscience/Affymetrix, he had 15-year experience in gene cloning, protein expression and purification, monoclonal antibody development. Dr. Huang engineered the whole recombinant protein portfolio ( >150 proteins), recombinant (Fab’)2 , all the immunogens and screening cell lines ( >500)

SeqXcel’s trained staff is dedicated to delivering the highest quality DNA sequencing at an affordable price.

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