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About Us

SeqXcel is directed by Long Wen, Ph.D. Dr. Wen has over 20 years experience in molecular biology research and DNA sequencing. His knowledge of scientists' needs and the frequent challenges encountered in having DNA sequenced, has lead him to select technology and develop protocols to meets those needs.

All samples submitted to SeqXcel are sequenced using ABI Prism® Capillary Electrophoresis Genetic Analyzers and BigDye® Terminator chemistry. This system meets a broad set of sequencing needs, including:

• Sequencing common DNA templates, such as, plasmids and PCR products.
• Sequencing a wide variety of templates, from ssDNA to genomic DNA.
• Sequencing larger DNA templates, such as, BACs and Fosmids.
• Obtaining long read lengths of approximately 1000 base pairs.

SeqXcel’s trained staff is dedicated to delivering the highest quality DNA sequencing at an affordable price.

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